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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Poison for Groovy Part 2

Unfortunately, I had success in generating a new poison for Groovy today (I already found another poison. Please read my previous post). 

There are three steps to generate it:

1. Get a Windows machine which has Groovy is installed in it. This is a VERY HARD mission.
2. Set JAVA_OPTS environment variable with a double-quoted string has a space character:
> set JAVA_OPTS=-Daprop="a value"
3. Run groovy:
> groovy -h

Then you'll get the follwing error:
value"" was unexpected at this time.

I already reported two issues related to this bug and provided patches for them (See GROOVY-4910 and GANT-126). I hope these issues will be resolved soon, Windows-specific issues are always left unresolved even if they have patches, though. 

Groovy is a cross-platform language that runs on a virtual machine, right?

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